Self-control Development Study


  • Dissertation study of children’s cognitive and emotional development, school readiness and the influence of parenting style. 
  • Emotion regulation is defined as the control of emotion experience. 
  • A multi-step process: experience an emotion and then select a regulatory response that is separate from the emotion itself.
  • Aim is to investigate 3-year old children’s dynamic respiratory sinus arrhythmia change in response to a negative-affect evoking laboratory episode. RSA is a proxy for emotion regulation.
  • Investigate whether parenting style influences child RSA. Test RSA’s affect on child preschool readiness.


Latent growth curve modeling 

  • Examine intra- and interindividual RSA change across the eight 15-s epochs during the anger-induction 
    • Estimate latent factors for the baseline RSA score (intercept) and change in RSA over the course of the anger induction (slope)
    • Test linear, quadratic, no-growth and latent basis models to determine best fit


  • Parenting style x child anger interactions