Meta – Lorax Pain Points Survey


The Lorax study is an-platform quantitative survey to size user pain points across the FB app. The pain points cover the spectrum of the user experience, regardless of organizational structure, and therefore provides a cross-app view of user pain points representative of the user population.

 This allowed us:

  • To see the most prevalent and severe user pain points across the app
  • View the holistic nature of how people use FB App
  • Pivot to include emerging issues (since currently not set up as a tracking survey

Evergreen indicator of the most prevalent and severe pain points

I was brought on to lead the research arm of the project. Deliverables include:

  • Survey creation
  • Survey administration
  • Data analysis
  • Research report creation

After the former lead left the company, I was tasked with completing this project in 3 months. 

40,000 users in US &. Canada were polled on 41 pain point items from the following FB teams: Community, Video, FAM, Home, Commerce, Privacy, Product Foundation, and Social Responsibility. Pain points in the survey were known negative user experiences based on a triangulation of existing research, XFN feedback, app reviews, and bug reports. Users reported the prevalence and severity of 6 randomly presented pain points out of 41 total. Severity questions were gated on prevalence. Users also self-reported if they use Commerce, Watch, Groups, or Stories. Overall completion rate of all prevalence questions: 81.4%, severity: 90.9%. Multiple regressions were analyzed in r.

11 pain points were above the medians for prevalence and severity for both Young Adult (YA) and Older adult (OA) participants, spanning across FAM, Commerce, Video, Home and Social Responsibility orgs. 

Of the top 11 pain points, 9 were common across all ages. Uniquely for YA participants, negative interaction  and uninteresting posts were above the medians for prevalence and severity. For OA participants, pain points concerning commerce scams & nonfollowed sources were above the medians for prevalence and severity

Pain points that most impact Facebook App Value (FAV) include: ‘Too many uninteresting posts; content; ‘services or features that are not relevant’; ‘too many notifications’

6 pain points increased in either severity or prevalence for YAs across Home, Social Responsibility, FAM, Commerce and Video.

5 pain points remained above median on prevalence & severity for YAs across Video, FAM and Home


I presented findings to each team org with recommendations such as the following: 

  • [Accelerate] action plans  to reduce painpoints that cut across all audiences. 
  • [Evaluate] learnings on painpoints that are specific to each audience and create audience specific action plans
  • [Accelerate] creating an action plans to address the bug issues contributing  to repeated posts and ways to mitigate uninteresting, unconnected content.
  • [Accelerate] efforts to address the bug issues causing ad issues; communicate with users regarding info shared with advertisers; revamp efforts to mitigate uninteresting, unconnected content.


Findings were instrumental in driving foundational insights about current and future users and guiding Facebook App strategy and marketing decisions, resulting in a 10% improvement in usability and 7% increase in conversion rates. 

Examples of actions implemented as a result of my findings:

  • The FB Notifications team launched a 20% reduction in notification volume in July 2022
  • Marketplace team committed to y reducing overdelivery of ecommerce to increase buyer retention
  • Video team is actively working on improving ad skip functionality.