I’m a Nigerian-American people nerd with a passion for studying the intersection between emotion and behavior. I’ve been to many places and seen many faces, and through all my experiences it has really stood out to me how environments can dramatically influence life trajectories. This is what drove me to study anthropology and psychology. 

I have a passion for life-long learning, especially human behavior and the intersection with technology. Through my various investigations, I have aimed to gain a better understanding of the thought processes and motivations of human beings and how and why we create our social world. I knew UX research was a good fit for me because I cared about people and problem solving. UX is a combination of caring about people and their pain points and creating the solution that meets that need. I aim to better understand how UX research can help connect our increasingly global society.

My background in psychology and anthropology is a strength that has translated well to a career in UX Research. My doctoral study centered temperament (which includes dispositional traits such as anger, sadness, activity level and self-regulation), and how it interacts with the environment to produce psychological, physiological and educational outcomes. With my relatively unique skill set — a mix of quantitative and qualitative research skills at extreme ends of the research skills spectrum and technical background, I’ve been able to utilize my interdisciplinary training to collaborate with researchers across specializations. With UX, I am making a positive impact on others on a greater scale.